Even though we are definitely smack dab in the middle of the social media era, we’ve never seen a platform grow as quickly – or is wildly – as TikTok has.

Starting off really slow all the way back in 2014, 2019 saw TikTok catch lightning in a bottle. In early 2020 it past the one billion user mark and hasn’t showed signs of slowing down anytime soon, with some expecting it to hit 2 billion users faster than any other social media platform.

Creating a new account on TikTok can feel a little daunting with multiple users already having millions and millions of followers already. Don’t let that discourage you, though – there’s plenty of opportunity for real success (almost overnight success, in fact) on TikTok if you know what you are doing.

And that’s why we have put together this step-by-step guide.

Build the Ideal Profile

Right out of the gate, your TikTok profile is going to make or break your success on this platform more than maybe anything else.

The very first impression that any new followers going to have of your account, if people are intermediately interested in your platform by your account profile, name, and details than they probably aren’t going to come back for a second look anytime soon.

Build a profile that is interesting, engaging, and highly visual and you’ll be able to hit the ground running straightaway.

Laser Target Your Audience

The absolute WORST thing you could do in the world of TikTok is try and create content for anyone and everyone while hoping to go viral.

The biggest hits on TikTok are always laser targeted to a very specific audience, a group of super fans that end up sharing the content far and wide for you – and that’s what takes them to the next level as viral content.

Figure out who your super fans are and create content almost exclusively for them, the kind of content they would love more than anything else, and you’ll have more viral hits rolling in and you’ll know what to do with.

Create a Backlog of Killer Content

As a new account you don’t want to post your first video, take a couple of days off to figure out what your next one is, take a couple days more after that to get the next one out, and so on and so forth.

You need to have a really tight production schedule right out of the gate and that means creating a couple of videos all at once (because they are so short it shouldn’t take that much effort) that you can pump out one right after another while you’re working on more content.

This helps you in a big way, guaranteeing that you’ll always have something ready to rock ‘n’ roll while you are working on future content. It’s what the top pros are doing and it’s a great way to get more followers fast.

Stick to a Consistent Style

It’s also important that you don’t make the mistake of switching up your style or your “voice” on your TikTok platform too frequently – if at all.

If you’re going to create a fun, interesting, and engaging kind of place on TikTok (the kind of account that does really well on this social media network) you don’t want to all of a sudden be hammering people with commercial pitches all the time or super serious content on a regular basis.

That kinda shakeup can be really jarring and will push people away more often than not. Find a style that works for you and your audience, stick to it, and make sure that it is prominent in all of your TikTok videos.

Join Challenges All the Time

There are “challenges” popping up on TikTok all the time – often led by some of the biggest influencers on the social media network – and you want to be capitalizing on these trends as often as you are able to.

These are the kinds of videos and the kind of content that is super shareable, the kind of content people are jumping on board TikTok to check out first hand, and the kind of content that is really easy for you to make and produce moving forward.

Make sure you are capitalizing on challenges whenever you are able to – squeezing them into your production schedule – and you’ll be able to skyrocket your follower count in a hurry.

Let the Experts Handle the Heavy Lifting for You

Of course, there’s no faster way to get TikTok fans and followers than hiring professionals to handle all of your promotional heavy lifting for you.

We have already helped hundreds of clients generate overnight success on TikTok, helping them to get more fans, more likes, and more engagement than they would have been able to on their own – and we can help you do the same thing!

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