There’s a reason why TikTok has been called a “superstar making machine” and why hundreds of millions of people log onto TikTok every single day – sometimes for hours on end – hoping to break through and become “TikTok famous” themselves.

One of the most successful social media platforms in human history, and one of the fastest-growing platforms as well, the flood of traffic and eyeballs that you can get in front of on TikTok has made it a game changer almost right away.

At the same time, finding success on TikTok has never been harder than it is today.

You are going to be going up against some incredibly stiff competition from all over the world – some of that competition with bottomless marketing budgets and teams of TikTok marketers looking to gobble up as much attention as humanly possible.

If you are going to have any success on TikTok whatsoever (especially with a new account) you need to make sure that you aren’t guilty of any of the mistakes that we highlight below.

Reusing Content

This just might be the biggest mistake that you can make on TikTok these days but it is a mistake that even some of the biggest celebrities on the platform are guilty of more often than not.

Trying to keep up with the hunger of social media for new content, new videos, new posts, and new pieces of media can be exhausting – which is why so many people try to repost or reuse as much of their content across a variety of different social media platforms as a way to save time and energy.

Some marketers see this as a cost-effective approach, but the overwhelming majority of followers on social media are going to see it as lazy and irritating. Get those monitors attached to your account or your brand name and it’s going to be next to impossible for you to get any traction on a fast-moving platform like TikTok.

Overselling and Over Marketing

Another huge mistake that people make on TikTok (without even realizing it) is trying to make a sale on every single post, every single video, and every single comment that they leave across the platform.

According to marketing statistics, 73% of Generation Z and the Millennials are more interested in experiences as opposed to products or services – and that means that you’re already facing a bit of an uphill battle when it comes to selling them things you have to offer.

Push those products and services on them every single time you post to social media, media that is supposed to be social in the first place, and you are going to burn them up as potential prospects and future customers faster than you ever would have thought possible.

Slow things down and take a much more organic sort of approach to marketing and selling on TikTok (and everywhere else with this keep market demographic) and you’ll see your success rates shoot through the roof. Speed things up and you’ll crater your odds of success almost immediately.

Taking Yourself Seriously

TikTok, more than maybe any of the other social media platforms, is definitely designed with fun in mind and the overwhelming majority of hit posts are created to entertain above all else.

The culture here is very laid-back, very casual, very fun, and very energetic. You’ll need to make sure that you are matching this energy and this tempo, keeping pace with the rest of the crowd, and reading the room correctly.

Come across as being seen as overly serious, controversial, or someone self-important on the platform and you are going to crater your influence and your potential credibility on TikTok right away.

This is something that can be a bit challenging for traditional businesses and brands to wrap their head around but it’s something that you want to master ASAP. Try to get to “corporate” on TikTok and you’ll nosedive.

Closing Thoughts

Building a winning TikTok account can be a lot easier than a lot of people make it out to be if you know how to succeed – and as long as you are avoiding the mistakes that we mentioned above you’re going to have a head start for sure.

At the same time, not everyone has the energy or the attention span to make TikTok work for them or their business. If you find yourself in that boat but still understand just how powerful it can be to change your life, your level of influence, and your financial future we want you to know that we are here to help you out.

Our full-service TikTok promotion solutions are ready to rock ‘n’ roll just as soon as you are. We’ve already helped hundreds of people succeed on TikTok and can help make sure that you squeeze as much juice out of this social media platform as possible, too!